Calmepro is one of a kind in mass flow service as well as in calibrating pressure transducers.

We use Molbloc & Molbox calibration standards for exceptional accurate Mass flow measurements and calibrations in the range of 1 cc/min tot 1000 L/min.

We are brand independent and keep spare parts of many types and brands of mass flow controllers on stock. A good relationship with all Mass Flow Manufacturers guarantees a fast response to our customers and ensures synchronization with modern technology like digital MFC's.

Normal service like calibration and ultrasonic cleaning are usually done within 5 days.
Standard all calibrated MFC’s are He leak-tested.


Flow services:

  • MFC Pressure Calibration
  • MFC Cleaning
  • MFC Range and or Gas Conversion
  • Mass Flow Calibration
  • new Flow equipment
  • new MFC's


Pressure services:

  • calibration of vacuum pressure sensors 0 to 1000 Torr
  • new pressure equipment

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